You’re probably heard the whole adage that good things come in threes. The rule of three, which comes from the Latin phrase, omne trium perfectum suggests that things that come in threes are more effective, work better, are more Zen—you get the idea. And who are we to argue? So we’re celebrating this concept during our February sale with a free triple pane window upgrade with all window purchases at All American Window & Door Co.!


Why Southeastern Wisconsin homeowners want a free triple pane upgrade


With our somewhat wicked Wisconsin winters, less is more does not apply especially when it comes to windows (nor to adding more marshmallows to hot chocolate). There are many reasons that a triple pane window upgrade makes sense with the climate we live in. With that in mind, here are the top three reasons to purchase during our February sale to receive your FREE triple pane window upgrade:


  1. Increased energy efficiency. With each layer of glass on a window, you increase the efficiency, which can add up to significant savings on energy costs. As the name says, triple pane windows have three panes of glass rather than one or two. Their design means increased insulation space which increases their efficiency. Triple pane windows can be 50% more energy- efficient than double pane windows and 25% more energy-efficient than double pane windows.


  1. Reduced or eliminated condensation. Because triple pane windows have a higher Ug-value, there is less of a temperature difference between the window panes and the rest of the rooms of the house. The Ug-value is a measure of how good a material insulates, like a wall, roof or window. It measures how quickly heat transfers through a building material. The lower the Ug-value the better the material insulates and the warmer your home stays in the winter and cooler it remains in the summer. Since condensation occurs when excessive warm moisture forms on cold windows, having better insulation reduces this temperature difference and the resulting condensation. As a consumer, when you compare Ug-values, it can help you compare products and make a more informed decision when purchasing replacement windows. With our free triple pane window upgrade, All American Window & Door Co. ensures you’ll have a lower Ug-value and more energy-efficient windows.


  1. Reduced noise in your home. In all honesty, triple-pane windows won’t reduce the noise significantly from double-pane, but you will see a difference if you upgrade from old single pane windows and it’s not just because of the increased amount of window panes. Installation is a key factor when it comes to noise reduction, as well as energy efficiency, Even the best windows won’t give you what you are looking for if they are not installed correctly. At All American Window & Door Co., we have the best window installers in the industry and we treat your installation as if we were doing our own. You need your windows to be installed airtight with proper weather stripping to create a good barrier which blocks out the bark of that neighbor dog who likes to be the neighborhood’s wake up call every morning.


Why Choose All American Window & Door Co. for your replacement windows?


So we’ve told you why to take advantage of our triple pane window upgrade sale this month, but why choose us to install your new replacement windows? We understand that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a company to do your home improvement projects, whether that be replacement windows, a new entry door or patio door, or replacement siding.


At All American Window & Door Co., we’ve been replacing windows, doors and siding for Milwaukee Metro homeowners since 1985. Your neighbors, relatives and friends have been trusting us with their home improvement projects for 35 years because we always pledge our best in products, service, care and follow through.


We proudly feature Elements™ windows by Soft-lite


We’ve partnered with the best window manufacturer in the industry to sell the most energy- efficient and durable windows on the market. Elements™ is a clear winner above all competitors in four critical performance categories, as rated by independent third party industry experts. They have the lowest air leakage rating to help keep you comfortable year-round and also have a 70% better water penetration than the industry minimum, to ensure your home stays dry during wet Wisconsin spring storms. And with a two times stronger wind load than the industry minimum, these windows can withstand windows up to 203 miles per hour.


Soft-Lite has achieved Partner of the Year recognition from the EPA and Energy Star and the “Sustained Excellence” level of award for their continued leadership in protecting the environment through superior energy efficiency achievements.


Come visit our showroom on Mequon Road in Germantown, Wisconsin


Still not convinced we’re the right replacement window company for you? Feel free to stop by our showroom to see our windows for yourself and to speak with our expert installers. We know that choosing replacement windows is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly.


From double-hung windows to bay windows and casement windows, we can explain all your options, and walk you through the features and benefits of each style. Whether you’re looking to replace the style of window you already have, or you want to switch it up, we can help you with all the various considerations to make an informed decision.


With a variety of color, design and size options we can custom-tailor your windows to your unique needs and specifications to create the dream home you’ve always wanted.


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Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what previous customers think by reading their testimonials. We pride ourselves on repeat customers and referrals, as we seek to exceed your expectations. Call us today, or email us for more information. And feel free to stop by, one, two or even three times before you decide. The rule of three has you covered!