Double Hung

Double-hung windows add a classic look and style to every home, along with the convenience of fast and easy cleaning from inside your home. Our double-hung windows are the #1 window used in the United States. There are many benefits to double-hung windows.


A double slider window allows both sashes to slide horizontally.


These windows are hinged at the side, comes with an internal screen and cranks from the inside out.

Specialty / Shape

We can curve or angle a frame to fit almost any shape you can imagine. Whether you’re replacing a special shape or looking to create something dramatic and new, there’s a geometric that will fit the bill.

We want to partner with you to accomplish your goals and make your home improvement dreams a reality.


Opens outward via a top hinge.


This is normally used for basement windows. Opens inward and has an external screen.


Usually a larger style window that lets in a lot of natural light, is fixed and doesn’t open.


3-lite combination window that projects outward from the wall to add additional length. Center pane of glass is usually larger then the end lites.


3, 4, 5, or 6-lite window that projects outward with each window being equal lites to create a more subtle cure rather than angled like a bay.


A fixed window that goes above or below other window types.