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Because we have over 32 years of experience and success, we can help you open the door to the home that reflects your personal style while still providing you with a great value!

Waudena exterior doors are sure to create a distinct first impression while not sacrificing quality, value, or performance. Made with premium components and workmanship, Waudena’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail assures that their products are built to be safe and reliable; protect homeowners from Wisconsin’s brutal temperature extremes (and everything in-between); and retain their beauty even over time. Waudena’s steel and fiberglass entry doors are strong, durable, beautiful, and provide exceptional energy performance, all able to be personalized for the look and features YOU want.

Steel Doors

  • Made with top-quality 22-gauge hot-dipped galvanized inner and outer steel that resists abrasion and provides superior durability, as well as years of trouble-free service
  • Engineered to resist cracking, splitting, warping, twisting, or rotting
  • Composite lock block provides for secure mounting of door hardware and increased structural integrity
  • Manufactured to meet the requirements of Energy Star
  • Adjustable hinge plate system allows for ease of realignment and adjustment (on all except Valueline door panels)
  • All-steel edge perimeter means superior strength and protection

Fiberglass Doors

  • Smooth or textured fiberglass
  • Engineered for durability and longevity
  • Built to last and resist cracking, splintering, warping, twisting, rotting, and even denting, resulting in years of easy maintenance and added strength, durability, security, and trouble-free service for you
  • Inner core of environmentally-friendly polyurethane foam (one of the most effective thermal insulating products available for buildings) provides superior thermal performance and energy savings
  • Manufactured to meet Energy Star requirements
  • Adjustable hinge plate system allows for ease of realignment and adjustment (on Timbergrain only)
  • Withstands everyday use without a scratch!
  • Full-perimeter weather stripping insures a seal similar to that of a refrigerator or freezer door
  • All-steel edge perimeter means outstanding protection
  • Tempered glass, four or five times stronger than standard glass, is used on all door glass
  • Composite lock block reinforces the lock area, which is secured with a heavy-duty Schlage lockset and deadbolt
  • A patented adjustable hinge plate system on some models allows for ease of alteration and alignment, should it be necessary
  • An adjustable oak threshold provides a wind- and water-tight seal

With the Waudena series, your home’s front door will ensure a memorable entrance that will provide curb appeal and make your home the envy of the neighborhood.

Even better, you needn’t sacrifice safety to get this beauty.

Special features of Waudena entrance doors

  • Available factory-finished for maximum durability in over 80 paint or 8 stain colors and a wide range of styles and textures to match or complement your home’s style
  • Steel, stainable steel, fiberglass or steel exterior/wood interior doors to coordinate with your home’s facade
  • Thousands of decorative glass combinations to create the look you want while maintaining your privacy and allowing your desired level of light filtration
  • Full-perimeter magnetic/compression weather stripping forms a weather-tight seal between the door and frame, providing added comfort and reduced infiltration of the harsh elements. This seal can be likened to the one on a refrigerator or freezer door
  • Smartframe glass surround system provides you with protection against air and water entrance
  • Several tempered glass, four to five times stronger than standard glass, shapes, unit configurations, and hinging options are available
  • Sidelite units have increased durability provided by a heavy duty one-piece mull post (post between the door and the sidelite created by the door frame)
  • Modern production technology provides increased strength and durability
  • Many of our first doors meet guidelines set forth by Energy Star
  • Fully-insulated by core of environmentally-friendly polyurethane foam which provides heightened thermal performance
  • Composite lock block adds extra reinforcement to lock area
  • Heavy-duty premium Schlage lockset with deadbolt
  • Adjustable oak threshold provides an improved doorway seal and, thereby, protection from wind, and water, and outside temperatures
  • Doors are sealed on the back side, meaning they do not rot as others do
  • Steel edges mean increased security (steel-edged doors are rated highest for security, as they do not crack) no rotting or swelling as wood doors do

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