Welcome to spring! Or as we like to call it: the brief meteorological neurosis that blurs the brutal chill of winter with the swelter of summer… and every point in between. As you know, here in Wisconsin we can have 70s and shorts in the morning, scarves and winter jackets in the evening. Driving, cold rain one minute, sun tan lotion the next. Spring in Wisconsin will keep you on your toes. But that’s why we love it. From the first moment we’re able to hit the kick lock on our Soft Lite Patio door… to the first time we see a robin on the lawn through our freshly opened Elements casement window… Spring is the time when we take stock of the efficiency of our vinyl windows and other products that have kept us warm all winter, and now we can finally open them up and let the fresh air in.

We have patio doors with numerous options so you can welcome mother nature into your home while customizing to fit your style and keep you comfortable along with offering extra protection from the elements when desired. Options include size, color, handle style, and glass…all so you can get exactly what YOU want! Our patio doors come standard with a 2-point Mortise locking, stainless steel system that insures your door will be secured into the jamb. You also have the option of a ToeBolt, which are stops that, when engaged, prevent your door from sliding more than 3 inches, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining your peace of mind!

Now is also a great time to consider window replacement so you can keep the inside of your home comfortable regardless of the extreme conditions that will be upon us in a few months (have to be prepared!).

We’ll be doing an open house in May. Please stop back for details!

Written by our very own staff, Josh and Kathy