Solid Core Siding

Solid Core Siding in Milwaukee

Solid Core Siding

The unique SOLID CORE™ edges of CraneBoard® interlock to keep seams tight and flat for an extraordinarily even, natural look.

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WHY CHOOSE ALL AMERICAN WINDOW & DOOR? Because we offer many siding options to choose from when deciding upon an exterior wall covering for your home.

Wide, straight-face boards and deep, impressive shades – that’s the exclusive, trademarked beauty of CraneBoard®. Come closer. Our true-milled cedargrain planks look warm and natural. The straight-face profile of each panel replicates the look of real cedar siding. Seventeen low-gloss colors provide a range of distinctive choices. The authentic premium quality of CraneBoard® will be your lasting pride.

CraneBoard® locks out summer heat and reduces winter cold spots. Where wall studs create a breach in insulation, cold air can seep in. CraneBoard® adds an extra layer of protection. It covers studs and reduces thermal conductivity.

Beautifully Complete CraneBoard® is a complete SOLID CORE™ SYSTEM that includes fully-coordinated SOLID CORE™ Architectural Essentials™ Accessories. Specifically designed and engineered, Architectural Essentials™ complete the look of the CraneBoard® home. Made to match the seventeen colors or to provide distinctive contrast, they finish windows, corners and other trim areas, perfectly.

Wider is Better. Smooth, Straight, Solid. CraneBoard’s® 6″ and 7″ boards will give your home an exceptional, architecturally correct appearance. Homeowners tell us these wider, straighter profiles make a home appear even larger.
CraneBoard’s® patented CraneSpan® design means panels cover more that twice the area of wood, fiber cement and ordinary vinyl siding. Compared to other sidings, CraneBoard® covers more of the wall meaning fewer gaps for energy loss. This feature, along with its rigid SOLID CORE™ backing smoothes and straightens walls and reduces seams. Your CraneBoard® home will stand straight, true and maintenance free for life.

CraneBoard® beauty goes deeper to deliver superior performance. CraneBoard® SOLID CORE SIDING® comes with all the insulation you need built right in for an R-Value of 3.0-4.0 depending on product style. CraneBoard’s® SOLID CORE™ backing gives you more insulating power, up to twenty times the R-Value of fiber cement and up to four times the R-Value of ordinary vinyl siding with standard backer board. CraneBoard® is a complete insulation system, too. SOLID CORE™ Architectural Essentials™ Accessories have got the corners and edges of your home covered with decorative window and corner systems and other accents that provide insulation as well as made-to-match beauty. The CraneBoard® home is more comfortable and saves you energy dollars.

Shhh! It’s Quieter
Homeowners sleep more soundly with CraneBoard®, literally. The SOLID CORE™ backing deadens sound, reducing noise up to 45% compared to vinyl siding.

ColorLife™ Fade Defense
With ColorLife™ Fade Defense, the harshest sun, the toughest seasons can’t touch the rich stately beauty of Crane color. ColorLife™ protects your siding for a vibrant look that lasts.

Special features of CraneBoard® Solid Core siding

  • The unique SOLID CORE™ edges of CraneBoard® interlock to keep seams tight and flat for an extraordinarily even, natural look. Plus, this feature helps CraneBoard® proved 17% better air infiltration protection than vinyl siding with standard backer board.
  • CraneBoard® has been specially formulated and constructed to stand up to 240% more impact than fiber cement, and 300% more impact than typical vinyl siding with backer board. It can also withstand winds up to 130 mph. Tough beauty that can survive an extreme impact will endure harsh weather for a lifetime.

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