What Do You Need To Know?

It’s finally time. Your windows are visibly damaged, maybe they’re drafty, your electric bill has gone up, you’ve got condensation building up between the glass, they’re letting in noise as if they’re open, or maybe it’s just time for a style update. The list of reasons why you need new windows goes on and on. Either way, you need to get new windows installed in your home. The next step is the easy part, right? Get a couple of quotes and pick the company with the best price because all windows are the same. Well, unfortunately, there’s more to the story than that! You’re going to hear about vinyl, fiberglass, and wood windows. Triple pane versus double pane, air infiltration rates, and that’s before you can begin to think about what color you want! So the real question is, what should you be looking for when it comes to buying windows?

The Big 3: Vinyl, Wood, and Fiberglass

Let’s start with the materials you’ll most likely be presented with. Wood, fiberglass, and vinyl are the big three. Vinyl frames are what make up most of the replacement window market, and they can act as great insulators for your home. They’ll keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer which should help reduce your energy costs. On top of that, vinyl windows are low maintenance, You won’t have to worry about painting or scratches and they can be cleaned with something as simple as soap and water. And they’ve got great durability, so you won’t have to worry about rusting or corroding. And on the major plus side, vinyl windows will most likely be your most cost-efficient option, and they come in several sizes, colors, and style options.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are going to be something you’ll definitely hear about. They tend to be much stronger than a vinyl window frame. Which offers you the option for larger panes of glass with less frame in the way of your view. Similar to vinyl, you won’t have to worry about these windows rusting or warping and they’re resistant to moisture damage in the most extreme of conditions. Fiberglass will also offer you great energy savings being that they’re an excellent natural insulator. One of the biggest benefits of having a fiberglass window frame is that with its strength and durability, it could last you up to 50 years!

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows are often a popular choice due to their aesthetic and uniqueness. Wood windows have a great reputation for not warping or cracking, and offer superior insulation. As long as you’re getting properly sealed wooden windows, you shouldn’t be worried about the maintenance most people talk about with wood windows. With high-quality wood windows, you have a long-lasting sealant applied to them which keeps maintenance at a low. The cost will be a little more than your vinyl or fiberglass window frame, but with the insulation and durability of a wood window, you’ll often offset the upfront cost with the energy savings they provide.

The Pain of Choosing the Right Pane

Another big selling feature you’ll hear about is choosing between double and triple-pane glass for your windows. Double-pane windows are what you’ll typically see, which are two pieces of glass with an insulating gas between them for energy efficiency and sound reduction. Triple-pane windows, as I’m sure you’ve figured out, are windows with three pieces of glass within the frame and insulating gas between them. Now the real question is, which one should you go with for your home? Triple-pane windows are going to offer you more efficiency due to the insulating factor of having another piece of glass and more gas within the frame. Double-pane glass is still going to give you good insulation, but having an extra piece of insulating material will of course give you maximized efficiency. Cost is typically at the top of your mind when it comes to buying replacement windows, and triple pane will cost more than your double pane windows will. But if you’re looking for replacement windows in your forever home, a triple pane is a great way to maximize efficiency, sound reduction, and thermal transfer.

Find The Right Company

When it comes down to it, doing research on which windows are best for your situation is always a good idea. Whether it’s triple-paned glass and a fiberglass frame or double-paned vinyl windows, every combination has its benefits. And sometimes it can be all for nothing if the company you’ve trusted doesn’t install them properly. So always make sure to do your research on both the style and material of windows as well as the company you’re having put them in. For more information on the options you have, give the team at All American Window & Door Co. a call and let the team of professionals guide you through which window styles and options are best for you!