“Dear Lodwick’s,

I listen to the radio when driving to work in the morning and catch the segments where you (AAW&D) are donating money to worthy causes around the area. I just wanted to say; how nice of you to recognize these people of charity and good will among us. It shows caring which usually goes hand in hand with great customer service (from a business perspective too). I see how essential our local charities are to the community and people who need a little (deserving) help. I just wanted to say “God Bless” both of you and your staff at AAW &D for your great generosity to these organizations which comes from the heart. Based on what I see I would recommend doing business with you and recommend AAW&D to people needing home improvements. I love Terri’s cool 1966 Purple Mustang too. Keep up the the great work. People see people like you doing great things and it inspires others to do the same. Have a great day!”