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It’s a bright, cold, winter day in mid-February in Wisconsin which means it’s the perfect time to install a new window, right? And here you are on the job site, putting your tool belt on and carrying a heavy triple pane window into a customer’s house when WHOOPS… your feet go flying out from under you because the walkway hasn’t been properly salted. There goes the window. There goes the job. Here comes expensive doctor’s visits and unnecessary time off. [Read more…]

Soft Lite Elements Windows ReviewAs you might imagine, we at All American Window and Door love the Elements window by Soft-Lite. As one of our signature products in Milwaukee, we feel it is quite simply the best vinyl window on the market today. We do realize that sometimes, when trying to convey our excitement, we might get a little… overly enthusiastic. Luckily for us, we’ll break down and describe many of the Elements window’s features in a nice, clear manner… But because we just can’t help ourselves, here are some of the details:

12-point fusion welded joints No fasteners! No construction! This means no pesky seams for weather to exploit.

Cove moulding with a handcrafted bevel instead of a boring, flat box that looks like it’s been glued into the opening. This gives great ‘curb appeal’. [Read more…]

What do you think of when you think of Christmas? Is it a guy in a big red suit cramming himself into your chimney? Is it a wee bairn laying in a manger? Is it your Uncle Ole’s lutefisk that remains untouched on the platter for the 25th year in a row? Or is it windows and doors? It’s totally windows and doors, isn’t it?

Well it should be.

How are you going to gaze out upon the freshly fallen snow through old, drafty windows? Where are you going to hang your Christmas wreath if not on a nice, new steel door? However are you going to be blinded by your neighbor’s light display if not through brand new, high-efficiency windows?

We here at All American Window and Door LOVE the holidays. Some of us, maybe, just a little too much as we tend to start singing Christmas tunes in the office about mid-June. And we want you to appreciate the holidays and all the binge eating, present unwrapping, and numerous other family traditions you can enjoy from the comfort of a home that knows how to keep the weather out and the Christmas spirit in.

Call now to set up a free estimate. Our gift to you for Christmas. Then you can start looking forward to your brand new windows to hang the lights from NEXT Christmas. Just imagine how your tree will look standing next to one of our wonderful bay windows, or how your lights will look reflecting off the glass of one of our quad casements. Let our high efficiency windows put a little more presents money in your pocket over the next year and every year after.

After all, ‘tis the season to think about windows and doors!

Written by Josh Cjeka

The crisp fall air has descended upon us, turning our thoughts to the upcoming season and all it brings.  Leaves turning darker hues as they fall from their trees, the crispness in the air, home-carved jack-o-lanterns, caramel apples, neighborhoods full of Halloween trick-or-treaters, Thanksgiving turkey dinners, and the soon-to-follow Christmas season…sweater weather is definitely on the horizon! [Read more…]

Marking our 50th time donating to a worthwhile local nonprofit organization whose focus is improving the lives of those in our community, All American Window and Door Company President Terri Lodwick last Friday gave $1000 to a Wisconsin chapter of Special Spaces, a group whose stated mission is creating dream bedrooms for kids with life-threatening medical illnesses. [Read more…]

It seems that we here at AAWD are an office full of autumn-loving people.  Just for grins, I asked around and found out what sorts of things specifically that we all love best about the season.  [Read more…]

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I, as one of the resident blog writers here at All American Window and Door Company, wanted to get feedback from some real, live customers on their experiences with All American Window and Door Co. and the products we carry.

To that end, I was able to stop by during a few installations and talk to a few of the wonderful folks who’ve welcomed us into their homes and entrusted us with their business and hard-earned cash.

[Read more…]

Welcome to spring! Or as we like to call it: the brief meteorological neurosis that blurs the brutal chill of winter with the swelter of summer… and every point in between. As you know, here in Wisconsin we can have 70s and shorts in the morning, scarves and winter jackets in the evening. Driving, cold rain one minute, sun tan lotion the next. Spring in Wisconsin will keep you on your toes. But that’s why we love it. From the first moment we’re able to hit the kick lock on our Soft Lite Patio door… to the first time we see a robin on the lawn through our freshly opened Elements casement window… Spring is the time when we take stock of the efficiency of our vinyl windows and other products that have kept us warm all winter, and now we can finally open them up and let the fresh air in.

We have patio doors with numerous options so you can welcome mother nature into your home while customizing to fit your style and keep you comfortable along with offering extra protection from the elements when desired. Options include size, color, handle style, and glass…all so you can get exactly what YOU want! Our patio doors come standard with a 2-point Mortise locking, stainless steel system that insures your door will be secured into the jamb. You also have the option of a ToeBolt, which are stops that, when engaged, prevent your door from sliding more than 3 inches, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors while maintaining your peace of mind!

Now is also a great time to consider window replacement so you can keep the inside of your home comfortable regardless of the extreme conditions that will be upon us in a few months (have to be prepared!).

We’ll be doing an open house in May. Please stop back for details!

Written by our very own staff, Josh and Kathy

In early December, we took twenty of our dedicated employees on a trip to the proverbial holy land of windows: Soft-Lite, the company that manufactures every replacement window we sell here at All American Window and Door Company.

We toured the factory, located in Streetsboro, Ohio, for about four or five hours. We had the opportunity to see the warehouse and how things there operate and even got to speak to some of the employees, everyone from the engineers to the equipment operators. The experience was significant both in that we were able to learn more about both the products we sell and the incredible company behind them, as well as see the wonderful way Soft-Lite’s managers treat their employees, which is likely one reason for the company’s longevity and success. [Read more…]

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  • National Association of The Remodeling Industry
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