Our goal here at All American Window & Door Co is to give you, our customer’s, an unforgettable experience at every point in the process. Firsthand product experience is always the best teacher. We had the opportunity to sit down with one of our customer’s, who had much to say about the products and experiences with us.

What made you decide to purchase from AAWD? 

Way back when we first started dealing with All American Window, you were one of the only companies in the area that actually had the woodgrain vinyl windows and that’s what we wanted in our previous location.

How do you feel about your experience working with AAWD?

We feel very comfortable.  The All American Window & Door Co. staff has always been friendly and knowledgeable and always answered all of our questions to our satisfaction.

What was the best part?

Working with the people of the company was always enjoyable because they were always friendly and didn’t try to put on airs or anything.

What features of the products impressed you the most?

I think the design and features, as well as the quality of the windows themselves drew us to them.  The price was really good for the product we were getting and they’ve already resulted in savings on our heating bill due to the high quality of the windows.

Any thoughts as to how the products have affected the aesthetics of your home?

It’s made the exterior of the home more pleasant to look at.  The old windows we had were actually pretty bad looking from the outside.

Do you think your investment is a good value?

Yes, very good.   It’s improved the exterior of our home, it’s improved our lifestyle in the home because the windows keep the home warmer and actually has increased our property value, and we’re very happy with that. Well, if we ever move to a new home and have to replace the windows, we know exactly where we’ll be coming – back to AAWD!

Thank you, Michael and Jan, for your kind words!

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