Picture this: you’re at home, cozy on your couch during winter, sipping your favorite hot beverage. The only problem? You’ve got to wrap yourself in a mountain of blankets since your windows let in drafts that give the North Pole a run for its money. Or perhaps it’s summer and your windows seem intent on turning your living room into a sauna.

get new windows, energy efficient windows, save money with new windowsIf you’ve ever found yourself in one of these situations, it’s time to install new windows. Although this might not seem like the most glamorous home improvement project, it’s a decision that will keep your home and your family much more comfortable. Not only that, ut choosing to install new, energy-efficient windows can actually save you money in the short and long run! New windows are an informed investment that only stand to benefit you!

How Energy Efficient Windows Work

Energy-efficient windows offer a multitude of benefits, all of which contribute to substantial energy savings. You might be asking yourself, ‘What does this mean?,’ ‘How do they work?,’ and ‘How do they really save me money?’. At All American Window & Door Co., we know that this can be daunting and confusing, which is why we work to help you understand all of your options and make the best decision for your home. 

So, how do energy-efficient windows work? To start out with, unlike other types of windows, they have at least two but often times three separate panes that all work together to increase insulation. Having layers of panes prevents the transfer of heat from the exterior pane to the interior, which effectively minimizes how much the temperature fluctuates inside your home. Between each of those panes are non-metallic spacers that keep them aligned with one another, so you never have to worry about the panes falling out of place. These spacers also work to reduce air circulation within the window which also helps to maintain the temperature of your home. Additionally, there are nonreactive gas fillings between each of these panes, which provides an additional insulating effect as they prevent air from passing in and out of your home. Further, energy-efficient windows have low-emissivity (“low-e”) glass coatings. 

get new windows, energy efficient windows, save money with new windows

These are microscopically thin layers of metallic oxides that essentially serve as a sunscreen for your home. They control infrared light and reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which reduces solar heat gain in the summer and lowers heat loss in the winter. Finally, the energy-efficient window frames are much more insulated than other types of windows as they are made with vinyl and fiberglass – better insulators – than the typical aluminum frames are.

As you can see, energy-efficient windows use a lot of technology to help your home stay comfortable and reduce the amount of energy you need to buy. But how does that save you money?

Benefits Galore: Saving Money & More

get new windows, energy efficient windows, save money with new windowsEnergy-efficient windows can help you save money in a variety of different ways. First, they’ll reduce your energy bills throughout the year. Because the insulation is more effective than other types of windows, you won’t have to turn the air and heat up as high to stay comfortable. This will lead to considerable savings on your energy bills! Secondly, new windows can increase the lifespan of your furniture. By blocking harmful UV rays, energy-efficient windows stop the sunlight from washing out the fabric on your furnishings. This means you’ll spend less on cleanings and replacements. Finally, installing energy-efficient windows can qualify you for federal tax credits and depending on your location, the potential for additional state and local incentives. These financial incentives can help offset the upfront cost of window replacement. In total, experts at Energy Star Research estimate that new windows can save you between $101 and $583 per year… think about everything else you could do with savings like that!

All American Window & Door Co. Is Your Go-To Source for Energy Efficient Windows

When contemplating home improvement projects, it’s hard to know where to start. Giving priority to those that promise lasting advantages and financial savings is a great place to begin and opting for energy-efficient windows is a move that will do just that. At All American Window & Door Co., we offer a diverse selection of top-quality, energy-efficient window options tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team of skilled installers ensures precise window installation, maximizing their energy-saving capabilities. By using our products and services, you can make your home more financially efficient while simultaneously boosting its value and comfort!

So, why wait? Contact us today for a quote on your new energy-efficient windows today!