When it comes to investing in your home, replacing the windows might not be the first thing on your list. But with how large of a role your windows play in energy efficiency, it might be best to start with them. By taking your time, and making an informed decision about the type of window you need, you have the potential to reduce energy consumption greatly! That opens the door to lower utility bills and makes your home more comfortable while you work on the rest of your projects (not to mention saving money for those future projects as well!). 

The Impact of Energy-Efficient Windows

Your home’s energy efficiency is largely impacted by the windows you have. Old windows tend to have poorer insulation, which can lead to major heat loss during the winter and air conditioning loss in the summer And while you lose your heat and AC, your energy bill is the one that suffers. As you increase your energy consumption, it’s costing you extra money every single month!investing in windows for a more cost efficient home, energy efficient windows, get new windows When you find the right windows for your home that provide energy efficiency, you’ll lose less heat and air conditioning over the year and bring down your energy bill. That’s money back in your pocket for those other projects you’re looking to complete!

The Investment

Windows can be a large investment into the future of your home, but the energy you save from upgrading your windows is money right back in your pocket. Not only can you choose a window that matches the look you want for your home, but over time you can see your energy bill go down. It’s an upfront cost with years of savings! There are tons of benefits to getting new, energy-efficient windows but there’s no better upside than putting money back in your own pocket!

The Benefits (That Help  You Save Money!)

Energy-efficient windows are exactly what they sound like, but what makes them energy efficient? There’s a long list when it comes to the upside of them, but let’s start with better insulation. There is advanced insulation in newer windows, such as double or triple-pane windows.investing in windows for a more cost efficient home, window installation cost, save money on a window replacement

These types of windows have multiple layers of glass between the frames, which often have a type of insulating gas between them. This reduces the transfer of heat or cold air from the exterior of your home through the glass panes. If you’ve ever felt how cold the glass of your window is on a winter evening, this is a great example of how multiple-pane windows can help. Another benefit that flies under the radar is solar heat gain control. These are coatings that are on the glass of your windows which reflect a great amount of solar radiation.

By blocking the sun’s heat on impact, the heat isn’t transferred through the panes and into your home. Which allows you to keep your AC lower and not work as hard. Noise reduction is one of the things that you wouldn’t notice until you have your new windows in, but newer windows have soundproofing that can largely eliminate a noisy neighborhood or a busy street. This can improve your quality of sleep, or in today’s modern era, help you concentrate and eliminate distractions. Our final benefit (although there are more!) is having UV protection.

If you’ve ever noticed a faded couch or carpet the odds are that it’s come from sun damage that’s peaking through your windows! Low-E coatings on energy-efficient windows help block ultraviolet rays that can cause fading or other damage to your flooring and furniture. Perfect for a home with a new couch or carpeting!

All American Window & Door Co. Is Your Provider of Energy-Efficient Windows!

As the projects of your home start to pile up, weighing out what’s doable in the near future might not include replacing your windows yet. But not all home projects have the ability to put money back into your pocket! If new energy-efficient windows end up at the top of the list, All American Window & Door Co. provides a team of professional installers and a variety of great products. Regardless of what it is that you’re looking for, they have an option that works for everyone. Don’t let your energy bill take control of your budget, reach out to the team at All American Window & Door Co. and let us help you put money back in your pocket while increasing the value and comfort of your home!