The thermometer has been set at a consistent temperature for a few months or so now. You have settled into the mundane ebb and flow of spring. Before we know it, air conditioning will replace the heat and your drafty windows will take front and center. Now is the time to take a hard look at the windows in your home and prepare for a maintenance-free summer.

How Do They Look?

Your windows are the eyes to your home’s soul. Go out to your curb and take a good hard look at what others see. Are your windows adding curb appeal or are they an eyesore? Are your windows faded and worn out? Maybe you have old screens that are beyond repair or rotten storm windows that are falling out of the track. Due to gaps between your window mainframe and siding, do you have trees or weeds sprouting?

Windows with cracked frames, rotted or moldy wood surrounding the mainframes, chipped, worn out and/or damaged are a big red flag. Rotting wood cannot be repaired and is a welcome sight to bugs and pests trying to find a way into your home as temperatures rise and fall outside. You don’t want to allow pests to become unwanted residents in your basement or home.

Just remember this: if your window is well beyond a cosmetic repair, you will want to replace it.

How Do They Perform?

Your windows aren’t doing their job if they allow the winter blues or summer heat to come and go. Are you sitting on the couch bundled up in a blanket and you’re currently watching the saran wrap swap back and forth from the breeze coming through?

Drafty windows can be more than just uncomfortable in the winter or summer, they can put extra strain on your heating and cooling system as your HVAC unit works overtime to keep your temperature at the desired setting.

Are your windows distorting your view of the outside world due to condensation between the panes of glass? When your windows get wet and ice builds up on the inside sash, it’s a sign of seal failure. This is why moisture penetrates the space between the glass panes.

Are your windows difficult to open and close? Old parts, rust, warping and other issues can make the simple function of letting some fresh air in a major annoyance. If you’re wrestling with your windows every day, it may be time to speak with one of our professional window replacement installers.

All the above issues are costing you money due to lack of being energy efficient. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t like watching dollar signs go out the window (yes, pun intended). Soft-Lite windows has been named national Energy Star “Partner of the Year” for the past 5 years. What does that mean for you? Lower utility bills mean more money in your pocket for Brewer tickets, weekend getaway or

Are Your Windows Safe?

Windows that aren’t opening or closing could be safety issues. If you had a fire, could you get your window open and escape to safety? If your window doesn’t open, you need new windows.

Are you using a stick to keep your window propped open so you can feel the cool summer breeze?

Do you need privacy and security?

Older windows lack in energy efficiency, security and soundproofing.

Not only do our quality replacement windows, siding and doors save you money in the long room, they also keep you safe and sound. Our exterior door replacement service includes upgrading the locking hardware with new locksets and deadbolts. We replace old, unsecure patio doors with new, more secure models with multi-point locking systems.

Don’t wave the white flag any longer. Contact us to replace your windows!

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