In three months it will also be summertime in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. And that means it’s time to take stock on your home inside and out so that you can entertain in comfort, letting fresh air flow into your home, and not bugs and rodents who find a way in. Let All American Window & Door Co. help you with your spring remodeling projects so there will be no debate as to whether or not you’ll be ready to enjoy this summer with friends and family carefree.

Six tips for spring maintenance to get your home in summer-ready shape

  1. Determine if there are any cracks or openings in your foundation or around windows and doors. Coming off of one of our cold Wisconsin winters, it’s easy to have an idea of whether or not your home is secure. Were you pestered by constant drafts from old windows and doors that don’t shut properly, or worse yet windows that have cracks in them? Did you hear scratching noises in the walls this past winter, or notice animal droppings in your basement or inside your cupboards? Did you go to get a storage bin out of the basement to get out your spring decorations and find shredded up contents inside? Now is the time to seal up those cracks before the ants come marching in or you say happy birthday to baby mice. Did you know that if you trap one mouse, there’s a good chance you have many, many more? The average female mouse has between five and ten litters a year, with 6-8 mice in each litter, so one pair of mice could mean dozens of mice in a few months. Yuck.

Spring Remodeling

  1. Take look at your siding. How did your siding stand up to winter storms, snow and ice? Did you have any ice dams form at your roofline? Do you have areas where your siding is moldy or rotting? If your siding didn’t hold up this winter, it may be time to add new siding to your spring remodeling projects this year. At All American Window & Door Co., we have a wide variety of colors and materials to suit your needs.
  1. Take a look at your screen doors. Now is the time to get screens fixed before mosquito season sets in and those gaps in your screens are prime entryways for these annoying insects. With West Nile Virus on the rise, it’s no longer that mosquitos are just a nuisance, they can carry some pretty serious viruses that you definitely want to seal your home off from. If you have pets who have made a run at your screen doors and succeed in getting outside see about repairing the screens, or replacing your storm door if your old screen doors are beyond repair.
  1. Evaluate your heating and cooling bills from this past winter. Were they higher or lower than last year? Do you have any explanations for the increase if you found one? If not, old drafty windows or doors may be the culprit. If you noticed a lot of condensation on your windows this past winter or saw your windows steaming up quite a bit, they may need sealing or they may need replacement. Our skilled technicians are happy to come take a look and offer up their expert opinions of whether your windows can be saved or you may want to add window replacements to your spring remodeling projects list.
  1. Think about upcoming ventilation this summer. Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of airflow in certain areas of your home? Depending on where you have windows placed in your home, some areas just never seem to air out or can’t catch a breeze. We’ve had many satisfied customers who have added windows where before there were none. Or, they’ve replaced an old picture window with a new set of patio doors. During our 35 years in business, we’ve installed and replaced thousands of patio doors. We’ve partnered with industry leader, Soft-Lite, to offer you the best patio doors available. Their Kingsroyal Glide™ patio door selection is the highest quality option in replacement doors for your home. They’re durable, practical and have the luxurious feel you are looking for. With a two- point locking system, safety is built right into these doors. And their “triple-fin weatherstripping system with UltraFresh® antimicrobial protection minimizes drafts, dust and pollen and fights the growth of mold and bacteria.”

Tips for Spring Remodeling Projects

Take steps now so you can relax and enjoy our short Wisconsin summer this year


As the Wisconsin Center gets ready to host its biggest event ever this summer, so too can you be ready for all your entertaining needs this summer. There’s no debate that summer is coming. This can either be the year you are ready or the year that typically annoyances put a damper on your family and friend get-togethers.


So whether your home acts more like a dictatorship or a democracy, let the powers that be give us a call and let us assist you with all your window, door and siding replacement needs. We can come to you or feel free to visit our showroom for a free consultation and estimate. Whether you’re looking to build a home, replace all your windows or just one set of patio doors, no job is too big or too small for our expert team of installers.


With this year’s 2020 Democratic Convention, Milwaukee will be seeing 50,000 visitors with more than 1,500 events throughout the region in just four days. Will any of those visitors be staying or visiting you? Be ready to host company or a DNC viewing party by taking steps now to be summer-ready!