Many homeowners recognize window shopping takes time and research. Replacing your windows is a serious undertaking, it’s not easy. When everything is all said and done, the entire process can be extremely frustrating and overwhelming. How do you know what style of window to go with, let alone the installation type. Truth be told, there are several different methods and types of installations: replacement style (pocket installation), full-frame and new construction style. There are many options and features to all three styles of installation, and our team can work with you to meet your home’s needs.

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When our salesman comes to your home for an estimate, they will do an interior and exterior inspection. The inspection phase is important because we want to know what’s going on with your existing windows and what issues you’ve been experiencing. In this specific job, the exterior had a lot of rotting wood.

Out with the old, in with the new!! 

When it came to choosing colors and styles of windows, this homeowner mixed things up a bit. The customer chose white on the interior and exterior versus going with an interior woodgrain color. The existing windows had grids in the top and bottom sashes, but instead, they opted for grids in the top sash only. On a bump-out bay area, we usually see a double hung, picture window, double hung configuration. Instead of replacing a picture window with another picture window, this homeowner opted to do a double hung. Remember, you don’t have to stay with the same window style; you can mix it up!!

Window and Door Inspections and Installation

Installation Day!! 

The installers quickly got to work by removing the existing windows and interior casing, and prepping the openings for the new, maintenance free Soft-Lite Elements double hung windows. On this job, the installation crew did a full-frame removal style installation. Full-frame removal mirrors new construction style installations. The existing window frame and sash are removed and the new window gets installed between the existing studs/framing.

The installers continued on with the installation. All rotted wood on the exterior was replaced. The new double hung windows were flush mounted right up to the interior drywall. The exterior was trimmed in custom-bent aluminum trim and finished off with commercial grade sealant. The interior of the new units were finished off with brand new installing new interior casing around the windows.Once installation was completed, our crew cleaned up the job site. They inspected the work areas in and around the home, and hauled debris away related to our work.

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