Have you ever noticed that when you’ve lived with something for a long time you don’t really notice it anymore?

For example, a messy junk drawer, a crack in the ceiling or chipped paint on exterior trim on your home’s windows and doors.

Sometimes once you’ve stopped seeing things they can spiral out of control and all of a sudden you have a much bigger problem. Don’t let peeling paint on your window trim develop into rotting wood by turning a blind eye to that issue for too long.

Let us show you what we are talking about

On this home project we recently finished, we replaced rotten brick molds. Brick molds is the term for the exterior trim around your windows and doors.

Before and After Windows replacement

We also replaced casings and stops around various windows inside the home.

We installed Soffit and Fascia to replace the extremely rotted materials on this home. (The Soffit being the gap between your home’s siding and roofline. And the Fascia being the area of siding directly above the Soffit.)

We installed 10 Elements double hung windows, two twin double hungs and two triple casements. Not pictured were two new construction style entrance doors and two Fox Weldoor storm doors.

Allamericanwindow truck

If you’re not familiar with these terms or products, please Visit our showroom where our friendly salespeople can explain everything and answer all your questions. We’d love to show you the industry’s most energy-efficient products.

We pride ourselves on being good neighbors. We started our business—at our kitchen table—in 1985 and expanded to our current location in 1992. Much construction and additions later, our state-of-the-art warehouse now holds hundreds of custom windows and doors ready for installation. We’ll be happy to come out and take a look at your potential projects, offer solutions and prepare a free estimate.

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