You’ve lived in your home a long time. Maybe you’ve replaced the carpeting with hard wood floors. You’ve probably done some painting and rearranged the furniture in an attempt to freshen up the interior a bit.

Nonetheless, are you bored with same old-same old? Do you ever wish you had better access to your outdoor space? Or would you like more wall space for artwork and cherished photos? Maybe it’s time to do more than you’ve done in the past and totally rethink your space.

Removing a patio door in Waukesha

Removing a patio door in Waukesha

Adding or removing a patio door may be just the solution you are looking for!

Let us help you completely transform your home by changing things up a bit.

Our staff can help you brainstorm ideas and pick the perfect door—or window—for your needs. Add in more light with a big picture window, remove a second patio door that doesn’t make sense, or switch out your old windows or doors for something updated.

Make your home new to you or more attractive to future owners by taking on a remodeling project. At All American Window & Door Co, Inc. we’ll make it easy for you to have big changes without the headaches that can plague homeowners if they don’t have the right partner.

Take the project in these accompanying photos. Our homeowner wanted to take advantage of the space by shifting the opening in one direction. This particular homeowner has multiple patio doors on their home. Instead of replacing the patio door with a new patio door, the homeowner decided to alter opening by putting in a beautiful triple casement window.

Our installers raised the sill height of the existing opening to accommodate this beautiful new triple casement window.Our crew studded everything below for support, insulated the interior wall and then drywalled and finished off the interior of the opening. They installed the new replacement triple casement window and finished off the exterior by installing brickmold around the window, tyveking the bottom portion of the wall and installing new cedar siding beneath the opening. Finally they installed custom bent aluminum trim to finish everything off.

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