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Normally, we are tucked in the heated office answering phone calls, setting up appointments and working with you in the showroom. Today, a co-worker and I played hooky from our normal jobs to cross-train. We spent the morning in the crisp fall air to learn and observe the installation transformation of a large picture window to a twin double hung unit. We want to better help you – our client and customer – and what better way than to be at the installation site.

Window terminology flies around the office…from shims to stops to squaring to leveling to trim to aluminum capping…and have been trying to wrap my brain around what it all means but having never seen an installation from start to finish, it was a bit of a challenge. Cross-training brought all those terms to light.

All American Window & Door installers really do have a “team” mentality and work well with each other. Occasionally, the installers crack jokes at each other leaving the customer laughing. The installation process was straight forward from beginning to end. The crew lead introduced himself to the homeowner and went over the specific details of the window installation. Drop cloths were laid out to protect the interior/exterior of the area where the installers are working. Measurements were taken of the opening and of the new window to make sure everything lines up correctly. Because the original replacement style window had cracked glass, the installer taped the cracks to prevent the glass breaking more or even shattering. When the picture window was set to be freed, suction cups were used to help successfully remove the large glass unit.

The installation crew was considerate, careful not to step on the bushes just outside the window and made it a point to clean up after themselves, including using what looked like an oversized soft bristled paintbrush and then a rag on the window sills and then vacuuming the ground to clear away the dust and debris that had accumulated. They brought the new window to the opening to install and double-checked themselves to make sure everything matched and lined up correctly, that every nook and cranny was sealed properly, that every window opened and closed and operated as it was supposed to.

The installers finished the installation process by using spray foam insulation and bending aluminum trim custom to the exterior of the home. The aluminum trim is applied carefully, with last minute cutting to get a plush fit to the brickmolding around the window. The aluminum trim is carefully nailed to hold it in place and caulk is used as the finishing touch to completion of the exterior.

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to see the work first-hand, and I think the installers appreciated the package of mini-muffins I’d brought along for a snack for everyone.

~Written by Kathy and Karen