Marking our 50th time donating to a worthwhile local nonprofit organization whose focus is improving the lives of those in our community, All American Window and Door Company President Terri Lodwick last Friday gave $1000 to a Wisconsin chapter of Special Spaces, a group whose stated mission is creating dream bedrooms for kids with life-threatening medical illnesses.

$1000 to a Wisconsin chapter of Special Spaces

The national outfit came to the Milwaukee area in 2011 and expanded throughout Wisconsin. They created their first bedroom in 2012! Special Spaces has created 99 of these personalized rooms for young people who have undergone transplants or been stricken with cancer, brain tumors, or heart conditions. This month they are completing their 100th room. Teams of volunteers remodel according to the child’s specifications with the goal of helping them “heal, recover, and find peace in their very own special space.”

The process is simple. A family applies and Special Spaces meets with the child. The child gets to create their own special room. From there, they come back to the volunteers and tell them what the plan is. From there, Special Spaces takes two days to create and design the space, which is then created by a team of volunteers.

Kathy Schmidt, the Milwaukee chapter’s director, gratefully accepted the check as Terri expressed All American Window and Door Company’s desire to honor people in our community who care and want to make a difference. We are honored to have had the opportunity to help Special Spaces in their mission! It’s exciting we could participate in our 50th stop and donate to such an amazing organization. Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you, Special Spaces.

~written by Kathy Nichols