In early December, we took twenty of our dedicated employees on a trip to the proverbial holy land of windows: Soft-Lite, the company that manufactures every replacement window we sell here at All American Window and Door Company.

We toured the factory, located in Streetsboro, Ohio, for about four or five hours. We had the opportunity to see the warehouse and how things there operate and even got to speak to some of the employees, everyone from the engineers to the equipment operators. The experience was significant both in that we were able to learn more about both the products we sell and the incredible company behind them, as well as see the wonderful way Soft-Lite’s managers treat their employees, which is likely one reason for the company’s longevity and success.

Soft-Lite’s employees’ meticulous attention to detail and pride in their product left a strong impression on us. Many were considerate enough to walk us through their individual roles. The chance to observe the various aspects and integral parts of the factory, from the systematic design to the way the laminate is adhered to mulling windows through the end of the process where products are shipped was a real treat!

Another trait we found admirable was Soft-Lite’s dedication to making a product as close to perfect as possible. From the moment the glass is inspected, to the live order, to the manufacturing and assembling, to the preparation for and actual shipping, everything was completed with great attention to detail. The fact that Soft-Lite regularly goes above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction is one of the reasons we have chosen to sell their products exclusively.

We also had the opportunity to sit down with the engineers and openly ask questions, which reinforced the idea that we are working as a team with the shared goal of creating the best possible products and insuring our customers’ satisfaction.

We also spent some time with Soft-Lite’s owner, Roy, who commented on how our staff and our interactions gave him confidence in us. As the owner of a $70 million company, his comment “You have a great team, you have what it takes to take it to the next level,” speaks volumes, we feel, about our potential as a company.

We left the facility with a new-found appreciation for what is involved in the production of Soft-Lite windows as well as the company itself and an increased ability to respond to our customers’ needs. Many of us were left in awe of what actually goes into the production of a window, but with a new understanding of why the product we provide is superior. From the internal office to the warehouse to the actual assembly line to the shipping process, we had the privilege of seeing it all. For such a large company, their down-to-earth attitude and dedication to both employees and customers left us with a very positive image, and we all walked away feeling as though we were that much better prepared to serve you!