Sarah Cancer MassToday is National Sarah Day here at All American Window and Door Co. A year ago today, Sarah was in the doctor’s office for her breast ultrasound where it showed she had a mass in her right breast. The ultrasound led to a biopsy, which led to her breast cancer diagnosis.

There are no guarantees in life. Life is complicated, full of unknowns, and what-if’s. Anyone that’s gone through cancer, watched someone go through it, or lost loved ones to the terrible disease understands life is fragile.

After Sarah’s initial ultrasound, it was a rollercoaster of things to follow – biopsy, diagnosis, BRCA testing, doctor appointments, plans, treatment, and the list goes on. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t full of worry, fear, and anxiety during that period of unknowns. How could my older sister be diagnosed with cancer at 29? What did that mean for me and her BRCA1 positive test result? Sarah Cancer Journey Port

Aside from all of this, I did test positive and had my prophylactic double mastectomy in September. Sarah and I had our double mastectomies and exchange surgeries two and a half weeks apart. I may not have had cancer and gone through that with her, but we went through our surgeries together. We have that special bond no one can take away from us. We can relate to each other in that aspect.

Our family banded together to surround Sarah with encouragement, support, love and faith. We determined as a family that we would come out on the other side joyful, rejoicing and sweet. We agreed that we would not be angry, bitter, or crabby people. Our mom moved in with Sarah and spent many months taking care of her. Mom and Dad trusted us kids and staff to keep All American Window & Door functioning and they went into super parent mode.    

All of this being said, Sarah is a SURVIVOR!!! She’s doing extremely well, upbeat and smiling. Today, she’s struggling and rightly so. Today brings back a surge of emotions; it takes her back to that place where she was a year ago. I’m very proud of Sarah and the mountains she’s had to climb the past year. She’s a very strong woman! She will still go through valleys and cloudy days, but she’s cancer-free. Our family is blessed.

Hannah Lodwick

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