AAbuildingLabor Day became a federal holiday in 1894. I had no idea we have been celebrating American workers for so long. I admit I didn’t know many of the details and was curious so I began a study. I found the history of Labor Day to be very interesting. The original celebrations had parades and picnic festivities.

The contributions made by workers to build America, is overwhelming when you think about it. So many skills and occupations have come together to turn the wheels of innovation, entrepreneurism, growth, and production. We have witnessed great accomplishments in America.

I have often appreciated the strength of the workforce that built All American Window & Door. From the very first employees we have had something great. Each employee through the years brought unique skills and personalities to their role.  We have worked hard to create a highly knowledgeable, trained and informed workforce, within an environment that continues to foster positive energy, fun and commitment to the All American Purpose.

Our customer service people answer the phones with smiles on their faces. Our salesmen study hard to know the details of our products and how each will benefit our customers. Our installers have technical skills that make them master craftsmen. Our managers have great care for their staff. And our service team cares for the smallest issues.

We have had people here with lengths of service such as 19 years, 14 years, 12 years, 10 years, 8 years, 7 years, and on down. Our staff cares and communicates well. We’ve become a family of sorts. They understand our company is a whole system of activities not a collection of parts. They know who is accountable for producing which results and they work together to create the big result – excellence.

Our mission statement says, “We are committed to strive for excellence and to fulfill the expectations of our customers by providing them with the highest quality products and services in an atmosphere of teamwork, trust and high business ethics.”

We accomplish that by paying attention to the details and working together toward a common vision. We communicate regularly and work at solving problems in a timely efficient manner. Our job swap program helps everyone understand each other’s job responsibilities and how it all fits together.

Many times I’ve watched from the sidelines as the staff here went about their work. It was truly amazing to watch as things were accomplished. I especially enjoy watching the installers. They do not waste a step. Every movement has a reason as they work around a home. It is definitely a science and an art.

I’ve been proud of my staff and their work ethic. The checks and balances we’ve established to keep things on track hold everyone accountable. We celebrate our successes with monthly fun days – soup day, chili day, chocolate day, junk food day, fruit day, pizza day etc. We go bowling, golfing and to baseball games. We’ve even taken the employees and spouses on two cruises!!

So today, my celebration will be about my staff. Thank you for being dedicated, caring and mature individuals who come together each day to make our company a success. You’re the best!!!